May not perform well on low-end devices.

Under heavy development. Everything is subjected to change.

Shutdown = Update

TTSG: Remake is an open-world game based on Attack on Titan. 
As a player, you can choose to take on the role of a Titan, 
wielding incredible strength and power, or as a human, 
using your skills to take down enemies. 

TTSG: Remake is a remake of Typical Titan Shifting Game. 


M - Menu

Human Controls:
Q/E - Grapple
Space - Gas
LMB - Attack
Z - Carry Injured Player

Titan Controls:
F - Titan Shift / Unshift
LMB - Punch
C - Dash
Z - Tackle
X - Stomp
V - Block / Parry
N - Protect
R - Roar
H - Heal
Hold P - Titan View / Fix Bugs

1 - First Skill
2 - Second Skill
3 - Stack Skill

If you have suggestions or want to report bugs you can let me know by joining the disco server

Huge thanks to Waterprobenderleague for helping me with tips for anti-cheats!

Clothing: Attack on Titan: Clothing Outlet


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