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The game is in Early Access. You may experience lag and/or bugs.

The world of Era of Quirks is full of battle. Set out and defeat your opponents to strengthen yourself, over the course of a few days you will be able to hold your own against anyone if you possess the skill. You can experiment with all sorts of different quirks, and find one that suits your style the best. Throughout the city there are always those that need to be stopped, or something to be destroyed. Whether a hero or villain, you can fulfil your goal.

Quirks: Whirlwind, Super Regen, Shock Absorption, Razer Blade, Plasma, Permeation, Overhaul, One for All, Muscle Aug, Jet, Impact Recoil, Hell Flame, Hardening, Half Hot Half Cold, Foresight, Explosion, Erasure, Engine, Energy Drain, Electrifcation, Decay, Danger Sense, Cremation, Blood Curdle, Assault Dust, Air Cannon, Fa Jen

Tags: Fighting, Fist, Magic, Quirk, Anime, Battleground, My Hero Academia, Open World, Hero, Villain.


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