Hold E to interact with items and chop trees!

To join a faction, simply request to join the group associated with it.

To create a faction, you must set a group you own as your primary group. You can then customise the in-game faction by putting these lines in the group description:

faction_acronym:ABC (3 to 5 characters)
faction_minimum_rank:10 (optional, minimum rank ID required to be in the faction, from 0 to 255)
faction_team_kill:true (optional, enables faction team-killing)
faction_role:colonist (optional, restricts faction to native or colonist roles)
faction_color:150,250,150 (faction color using RGB)
faction_description:start (starts faction description)
This is a boopy factiony (faction description)
faction_description:end (ends faction description)

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