👋 • Welcome To Head Tap!

🏈 • This is a WR vs DB football game that allows you to battle your opponent in a 1v1 match. You can also be the quarterback. If you commit to QB only you have a higher chance of being the quarterback.

📝 • How to play? This game is a click/tap/R2 to catch the ball game. In order to catch the ball you must tap/click/press R2 in order to trigger your arms to catch the ball. When you join the game, you must wait until it is your turn. 

🔨 • This game is developed by On1y Productions. We will try our best to update the game daily. 

🏷️ • Football, Football 1on1, Deestroying, WR vs DB, Football Fusion, Moss, Catch, Toss up, Game, Outside, Multiplayer, Friends, Game, On your head, Mobile, Xbox, OT7.


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