...5 years of living in peace, this town has evolved so much over the years - but the one question everyone had on their mind was "What is that thing?" and now...after 5 years this 'thing' has been awaken! 
Are you brave enough to venture on through the portal...?

Inspired by: AQW: 'First Chaos Lord' 

-Second project out of seven to finish on my goal to finish all my projects before I graduate > HS
-If you see any place that's tagged with a PLUS sign (+) its one of the seven projects I plan to finish before i graduate from HS.

NOTE: To the people giving a thumbs down, could you state why you hate the place? Is it just cause your jealous; or for some other reason? Please make it as detailed as possible, I would like to improve this as much as I can.

NOTE: There's a good chance I'll expand it beyond the two maps. There may be a total of 5 maps (at the most...) 


Possible EBR entry...

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