🎌Get ready to test your Obby skills to the limit!😎 Invite your friends to race against the clock as you jump, slide, and dodge through a multitude of obstacles that will test your fast twitch ability to their very core.⏰ As you progress through each level, the challenges will become increasingly difficult, requiring lightning-fast reflexes and quick thinking to cross the finish line and set a record time.🚀  So, strap yourself in and prepare to tackle the ultimate test of speed and skill!🎌


200 levels of increasingly difficult obstacles! ❗
10 unique stage designs! 🌟
In-game speed run timer! ⏰
Unique pets! 🦠

Several unique types of obstacles! 🎆
Hosted events! 🎉
Competitive leaderboards! 🏃‍♂️💨
Daily prize wheel and rewards! 🎮
And so many more amazing features! 🏁

Join our socials to keep updated on new games and events where you can win prizes!!💥💥💥

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