Thank you all for participating in the free demo. We have taken your feedback and we will continue developing the game with them in mind.

Outside of any bug fixes, this version will not be maintained too much. Please go to our main full place for more features:

-Hold "Tab" in combat, or press Tab only once during the lobby. Tab also closes out any opened menus. Semi-compatible with the controller (combat is 100% works for the controller, but the menu may not)
2. I really wish I can give you more, but there are so many combos/hidden stuff, you just simply have to "break" or play around with everything.

An older, extremely buggy mess that showcases the combat system and stat/skill system. Only contains 10 waves and no bosses. Don't expect things to work and just accept the downright borderline humorous broken state it is in.

Please do not hesitate to give us feedback, and please note the gamepla

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