This place is based on the Anime series "The Galaxy Railways" by Leiji Matsumoto. I will be adding more trains as well as tracks into space! (They actually get to go off ramps lol). Please don't derail the trains, especially when you're in space. Enjoy :3

UPDATE: Ditus has been added in, however I have not been able to do scenery for it or Maranos yet because Roblox's acursed gap glitch is trying to eat the planets. I'll be looking for a workaround though. I have added the wye turnarounds to each planet so far.

NOTE: After adding in Ditus I noticed the bricks and physics start to get spazzy in that area...this is due to Roblox's scripting and the further you go from the center of the map, the more spazzy they get. This will drastically reduce the amount of planets I intended to build, but I will do what I can to add as many as possible (Maetel and ??? will definitely be added).

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