Need a friend to keep you company in the scary maze? Buy the Gumball plushie! He'll sing you happy songs!

left shift to toggle sprint. f to toggle flashlight
if you cant reset that means you're the target. you're doomed.
the maze is randomly generated.

thanks for playing and inspiring this game, Brutez!

i have a server now where i'll post updates, so check that out if you want to

fan remake? maybe you could call it that i guess.

well this is just another one of those scp096 games haha like we don't have enough of those amirite. but with a twist!! this one isnt made up of stolen assets and freemodels. ain't that epic???

in the mean time... support the game?? if u want to i guess. i only get like 10% off of gamepasses.... thanks roblox

enjoy, i guess.

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