Welcome to Disney World Ultimate Theme Park! There's tons of rides here! So far, I've added a 'Frozen' themed ride, a water ride, a Pirates of the Caribbean swinging ship, a few roller coasters, a water park, space mountain, splash mountain, haunted mansion, and more! Lots more! Thanks for playing!! (I also built Universal Studios and Nintendo land versions of this park on other accounts.) **Thumbs up if u liked this plz!! Thanks!! ----------------------------------------------
TAGS: Disneyland, mickey, California, themepark, roller coaster, wheel, fair, cotton candy, candy crush, sea world, adventure land, islands of adventure, bush gardens, epic, huge, river country, abandoned, sky, tower, of, terror, fun, pixar, monster's inc, castle, track, haunted mansion, space mountain, launch, tomorrow, land, movie, future, nintendo land, time, incredibles, toy story, walt disney, role play, work, job, mario kart, wreck it, mayhem mountain, creepypasta, horror hotel, race track, zonex, 

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