Description of above model: Meet the Tortoise, a heavy class transporter. But don't think this is anywhere NEAR as boring as it sounds. Normally staffed with 5 crew it is a little low on players now. Not to mention it is nowhere near the "tortoise" thought process. Running on 10 wheels and 3 engines that can run on their own or as a group, this mobile outpost can hit speeds up to 75 mph fully loaded. An amazing accomplishment for its size. Not to mention the 4 tons of cargo it can hold. Designed by DAMAGED Goods Inc. (Players- Sunglasses; DAMAGED - Tophat; Scripttester123 - Spikey hair; XSpillaB) :::: This is my workshop. First there are a few rules, these are ideas, not all will be finished or developed depending on my mood. Second, the ideas here are my own unless they are guided by a friend's need or a contest. Third, the few who get permission may recieve the models in here, but very few will. And Fourth, I enjoy reading comments on my ideas so send what you think my way.

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