BOOGA BOOGA is a ROBLOX survival game, created by Soybeen. The first version of BOOGA BOOGA was released in the Spring of 2018, developed by Soybeen during his time at the ROBLOX Spring 2018 Accelerator program, later earning the 6th annual Bloxxy award for Best Incubator/Accelerator Game.

BOOGA BOOGA is a direct successor to Soybeen's previous survival games DUSK (2016) and DAWN (2018), which were inspired by some of the very first ROBLOX survival games such as Davidii's Survival 303, and Garnold's Survival: Apocalypse.

Soybeen's ROBLOX Group contains all playable versions of BOOGA BOOGA. Each has its own unique maps, items, resources, NPCs, and more.



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