Recruiting Admins and Sos Brigade START WINNING im only recruiting 10 !!! So come now sos im recruiting 15.
Find my Sos Fourms in fourms so u can know everything about sos.If ur in SOS add taht to ur description on profile that u are one of the sos. Im Still Making it better and here is the list of Admins:Pikachu215,Kylewd1,Saskuke332,LifeDrag,Randyvgt,       Ryunvgt,Keiralyn,Ripper,Kagome,Armadillo,dogbob,      supermario2332,jojobean789,princessstamara,tyland456, bryce0111,holymac5,name1 and RodKH2.Friends can ask me for admins if your interested.The S.O.S Members are Randyvgt,Ryunvgt,Keiralyn,Ripper,Skyyaraider, darknessfalls,link125,Terenzo,Axel1,Heissocooldg, MarioPeanut Waffleboy Kyuubi325,assasinj ,and Deathborg1.Rules No Pushing or shoving or whatever.To be Admin win the course and the secret 

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