🛑Update [2021-11-13]🛑
- Halloween event is over.🎃
- Fixed vehicles getting stuck at frosty.

🛑Update [2021-10-23]🛑
- Halloween is here! 🎃
- Various fixes

🛑Update [2021-10-11]🛑
- Quests Fixed!
- Pets fixed?
- Vehicle Arrow Fixed
- Ice Wizard found his clothes
- Lighting Fixes
- Destroyed Wicked Frosty??

In Frosty's town of Winterville it is always snowing! Frosty needs your help with shoveling all this snow. Unlock new tools, vehicles and weapons as you progress in Snow Shoveling Simulator, but don't forget about the baddies up in Ice Mountain who want to destroy Winterville! Fighting them will keep them scared and away from the town!


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