The threequel coming soon! Stats will be reset upon release as the game is currently going through development and balancing. As this is beta, all vampire abilities and gadgets are available for free. After reset, rewards based on previous play will be given out, so it's not all for nothing.

- What's new? : New movement mechanics (crouching, crawling, punching), more balanced mechanics (grabbing, escaping, guns no longer 1-shot but do damage, vampires kill quicker), different gun types to choose from, new special modes, new abilities/gadgets, R15, 3D clothing, practice mode, all new content! 

- Will my Vampire Chance/Detective Chance pass over?: Most likely not. A frequent complaint about VH2 was that some people were almost never picked to be the vampire/detective. In this, everyone will be picked the same amount of times. However, as a loyalty reward, all owners of some previous products will receive special content in this game.

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