🚨 IMPORTANT: This game has been outdated since January 25th, 2020. There are no "official" updates after this. It may be that things are no longer correct, or that things have been removed. Sometimes the game is still updated by a developer for something in scripts, nothing more. These are not official updates. We hope to come back later.

We are one of the largest roleplay games that have become so big so quickly! Every day we only grow more and more! That's literally so cool we want to thank you all. In this game, we want to give everyone the opportunity to become a real experienced (emergency service) worker.

There will often be shutdowns for updates and development of our server. 
You must become a member of our main group to access our game.

By participating in our game, you agree to our terms of service.
Not all game passes are in the game yet and we will never give back products and/or (virtual) money.

🏆 Credits: Development Team


There are currently no running experiences.