Developer school By: Qaxck, Swaggermaster43
--ABOUT THE GAME-------------------------------------------------------
This game uses pictures of scripts and signs to help you understand what the script does and how it affects the game we also show you what to do so you don't have to learn step by step instead you can just click the GUI opener and click the tutorial you want to learn and it brings the tutorial to you! we teach GUI, Building, and Scripting there is no in game purchases besides donations. our most popular tutorials form the 100+ are Spectate GUI, System message, Unions, Having people spawn with special clothing, and making your own weapons for your game. Unlike most games theres a good chance you'll see me or one of the other developers in the game.
-New Building
-+100 tutorials
-Gui to create your own profile for being hired as a developer or hiring a dev
-Teleporters to tutorials
-disabled hackers
-Garden of credits added

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