🚨 Mad City Update Alert 🚨

What's New: 
- Heist Timer Adjustments ⏰
- Gun Store Revamp 🔫
- All guns now cost in-game cash, one time purchase! 💰
- Gun Balancing
- ST Patrick Toppers, Wheels, and Skin🎩
- Revamped all old Gun Models 🔫
- New Guns (m249, Tommy Gun, M1014, WA2000) 🔫
- Shadow Map Lighting 💡
- Performance Optimizations 💻
- Animated Skins 🎨
- Shoulder Swapping 🔄
- Bug fixes 🐛

Mad City is an action-packed, open-world game where players can choose to be a criminal or a cop. 

With a huge city to explore, players can take on a variety of missions, earn rewards, and customize their characters with unique outfits and accessories. With frequent updates and new content, Mad City offers endless hours of gameplay and excitement. Will you choose to be a criminal, or will you uphold the law and become a cop? The choice is yours in Mad City!


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