New Update!

🚗 Introducing 2 New Vehicles! 🏎️

The "Deadringer", crafted by Gab2, is now available along with his previous outstanding creations!

The "Phoenix" can now be found at the Airport parking lot!

Dive into the thrilling universe of Mad City where chaos, crime, and unparalleled adventure await! You can choose your destiny:

Will you rise to power as a criminal mastermind, plotting epic heists, evading the law, and battling rivals to become the most feared name in the city?

Will you stand for justice as a heroic police officer, patrolling the streets, enforcing justice, and preventing crimes before they happen?

Or will you soar the skies as an intrepid superhero, harnessing your unique abilities to keep the city safe from looming threats?

Make your choice in Mad City!


There are currently no running experiences.