🌟 Welcome to Mad City, where YOU write the story! 🌟

Become a hero or embrace your dark side as a villain! Unleash mayhem on the city or wear the badge and keep the peace. The choice is YOURS! The heists never stop, and the thrill never ends!

🔥🚀 WHAT’S NEW?! 🚀🔥

📣 Updates:

💰 Bank heist has been redone from the ground up!
🚨 Enhanced Police Response: Officers now actively engage in heist situations.
👮‍♂️ Upgraded Law Enforcement: Police forces are now equipped to respond to robberies more effectively.
🚔 Advanced Tracking: Law enforcement now has the capability to pursue suspects with greater accuracy.
💥 SWAT Deployment: High bounty levels will trigger a SWAT team manhunt.

🔧 Various Bug Fixes: 
Improvements and corrections applied to enhance gameplay.


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