A Star Wars game Inspired by Battlefront I (2015) and Battlefront 2's HvV gamemodes
(If you like this game, try the originals!)
Developed by FrogNinjaX and Ares_300 

Stay notified with our detailed update log by joining the group disc! Twitter codes can be found by going to my twitter @FrogNinjaX.

[Update Log]
-2x Credit Weekend (5/23/2020)
-Various aesthetic changes, 3 new skins 
-2x XP & Credit - May the 4th Event

R - Equip Weapon
F(Hold) - Block
E - Special
Q - Ability
X - Taunt 1
Z - Taunt 2 (Level 25)
Left Shift(Hold) - Sprint
Right Shift - Shift Lock (if enabled)
~ - Show Round Stats

*Note: There is a bit of a learning curve for this game, try using the help menu to get started.
*Shutdown = update
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