💫Welcome to 5DiamondzZ Difficulty Chart Obby!💫

🎮In this game you get to face different challenges in the form of an obby, a difficulty chart obby, you can also practice things like Wraparounds and more!🎮 

The reason the like to dislike ratio is bad is because of a Free limited 😭

Current Difficulty: HARD!

⚠️Please note that this game has only just been made, so that means there might not be that much stages⚠️ 

🔨Follow and favourite so you know when a new update comes out!🔨

⚒️Building: Me/5DiamondzZ
📝Scripting: Me (kinda)
🎶Music: Monstercat
✏️UI Design: Me/5DiamondzZ

difficulty chart obby parkour effortless very easy medium hard difficult challenging intense insane extreme wraparound wallhop DCO stages rage obby obstacles difficult remorseless parkour obby Difficulty Chart Obby 


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