House RP is a fun place to find new things and Role-Play as whatever person you want. I myself sometimes join servers to watch how creative peoples imaginations are or to see if people are following the rules. 
And remember this game is only in Beta Mode and it still has lots of potential, I'm currently working on making the map bigger, adding buildings, fixing the sky to give it a proper Day/Night setting, and much more! 
I hope you all have fun! and stay with us throughout this amazing journey. 
💙---THANKS YOU----💙
Huge Updates are coming soon!
Be sure to share this with your friends.

If anyone admin abuses you, ban, and or take away your admin make sure too..
Message me✔
Gives me the persons name✔
And tell me what they did ✔

Then I'll make sure to fix the problem. I check the Admin list to see if all admins have the permissions that they was given. If I see in the chatlogs that someone was abusing they will be banned.

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