Welcome to Supercampus! This isn’t your typical back-to-school adventure. Use Super Supplies to solve puzzles, help the wacky Splorps, & showcase your skill & creativity!

🏃 Join the Race Runner fever! Duck, dodge and jump through our new obstacle course!
😎 New FREE limited UGC is available! Earn the Futuristic Headphones by reaching the top 10k of the brain points leaderboard by Dec 11th! 
🎉 Collect Super Supplies from BIC, Crayola, & Post-it* 
🎒 Visit Walmart to customize your avatar & backpack

3.5k 👍 Reached! Enter code “3500likes” for a Free Keychain
6k 👍 2x Brain point event ✔️ 
7k 👍 - 1,000 Coins
8K 👍 - PC Keychain

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