⚠️ This game pushes the limits of Roblox's physics engine. You may experience bugs or performance issues due to lower performing hardware. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Experience our new robust vehicle system! these vehicles have enhanced hover physics, which allow you to grip any sort of terrain with ease. Drive up walls vertically, or drive sideways! You can do a series of tricks, jump, frontflip, backflip, barrel rolls, these vehicles give you total freedom! Explore a vast open world parkour zone! Unlock new vehicles by progressing within the game! You can collect currency all around the map, beware of massive drops that come in periodically, only one can obtain them!

❤️ All in-game earnings go to funding the Sunset City Revamp, (We thank you dearly for your support!)
🎮 Check out the game on Xbox One! Our game has full controller support!
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