!!UPDATE 15!!
Added teacups, changed servers to 5 players, and more!

💗use code "20thousand" in the chat for 150 free flowers! New code at 25k likes!

.gg/sunsetgames to join our lovely community!

🎀 In Plushie Tycoon 2 you start and run your own cute plushie store and factory tycoon! Sell plushies to customers and decorate your cute store <3 🎀 includes sanrio inspired plushies!

👍 leave a like and favorite if you want more updates, we appreciate it <3 👍

🎮 whitelist players to play a multiplayer tycoon with friends!

💾 progress is saved automatically 💾

(whitelisting other players lets them buy/use stuff on your plot, using your money)


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