NOTE: In reply to the many messages I still receive, yes, I did take time in May to fix a few things - however, I was only able to do so for about an hour. As I may have messaged some of you, time drags us to accept more responsibility as we grow older. Unfortunately time has progressed me to a place in life where I do not have the time to even turn my home computer on. I haven't even played any video games in almost four months now, which sucks, because obviously they are a hobby of mine. Maybe some of you out there can get inspired and recreate this game bigger and better, while maintaining the original vision.

The money grabbing methods of the games on this site nowadays is disgusting. Don't worry, Rorfare will always stay 100% free.

Note that the map regenerates every 3 hours.

Originally the first famous game to utilize the Roblox Terrain feature. The original account hosting it was hacked, but luckily the game was retrieved and you can play this classic here. Enjoy!

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