ATTENTION - This game is unfinished and will likely always be. Sorry. It's basically hideously broken now anyway, after many updated from Roblox. The terrain is all bugged out. I'd have to start over from scratch.

You are part of a mining team sent to mine deep underground. You and your crew were caught during a mining cave in, and the only possible way out is through a mysterious part of the mine no one knew existed.

Big thanks to skript92 for helping me with a lot of scripts!
Player Points are working. You get 5 pp every 60 seconds you're in the game. If you don't get them it's because there aren't enough points in the server.
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To use flashlight on gun, press E.
This horror game does not have pop ups at every turn, it utilizes atmosphere and sounds to make your crap your pants.

It is recommended to zoom in during most of gameplay
Credit to some audio goes to Cry of Fear.

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