*** WIP: many features will be added/removed or changed! ***

Yellowstone Unleashed is an immersive animal survival game that takes its inspiration from Yellowstone National Park. In this game, you can play as a variety of different animals, from wolves to grizzly bears. 🐺🐻🦌🦬

The game is designed to simulate the harsh realities of life in the wild, where survival is a constant struggle against hunger, thirst, predators, and the weather. ⚠️ You'll need to hunt for food 🏹🍎🍗, and avoid dangers in a harsh survival environment.

👍 Like the game and join the group for 600 coins and a +25% coins multiplier!

* Roblox premium members earn 25% more coins. Multipliers add up!
* All animals are unlocked for free in private servers, in public servers you have to purchase animals before you can play as them.
* Freecam is enabled in private servers (shift+p)

-- Game icon by HjBugs --


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