Find the Zavoks is a comedy-oriented collectathon that tasks you with repairing a broken and fractured Zetiverse following the events of Cart Ride Into Get Eaten By Zavok Obby (Who Killed Zomom?) HD ReMIX. 

While the main game is nowhere CLOSE to being done, as a VERY BELATED celebration of Sonic Lost World's 10th anniversary, we decided to put together a demo to give a taste of what to expect in the future. All content is considered subject to change and does not reflect the final game.

If you encounter any game breaking bugs, please inform us on our socials and we'll look into it right away!

We hope you enjoy your time in the Zetiverse!

yocow - Project Lead, Writing, Scripting
Rixeramis (PoisonLuigi) - Artist, Main Level Design
Hero (Thelegendofhero) - Brainstorming, Level Design
RippleStar - UI Design, Scripting

HatsuneGoku, chuckdawg, Mario12112345 - Playtesting


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