🔨Your builds save in private servers.🔨
🎒Your backpack saves when you leave.
☠️Your items drop on the floor when you die.

💀Face the terror of SCP-096, or "Shy Guy", who will stalk you at night if you look directly at its face or through cameras.

🏕️You are stranded on an SCP testing island where 096 has escaped containment due to unforeseen events. 

🏃🏻To survive, you must scavenge for resources during the day and build a secure base to protect yourself from the monsters that roam the island at night.

New furniture pack with over 100 items!
Highlights: Traveling merchant, rubies, and a lot of new items!
Full update changes: 

🎮 Programmer: albiedanoob (albie)
🔨 Builder: CanadaIsntReal (eggy)


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