✨NEW~ Build Your Tower Up To Space! Click To Build Your Tower Faster!

✅ New The Oblivion Planet
✅ 2 New Eggs
✅ 20 New Pets
✅ Pet Index Machine at Lobby Area
✅ The Potion Shop (Buy Potion For Instant Max Level, Gold, Shiny & Rainbow Tier Pet)

🎉 New Code "oblivion"

🤑 Premium Benefits = +1 Pet Equip
✨ Rebirths = +1 Blocks Per Second
🐾 Pets = More Blocks Per Click
🌀 Mix Pets = Gold, Shiny, Rainbow
🆙 More Floors = Level Up Pets
🧱 Upgrade New Blocks
🔎 Search & Found Object Above The Sky

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