Be sure to check out the high quality revision of the museum here:

I published this game a long time ago, and I've decided to embrace it in a new way. I've left in all of my typos from when I was younger, haven't changed around areas to be more accurate, and I haven't added anything major in years. Furthermore this game is extremely glitchy, and hasn't aged well.

 This is because much like old roblox, it was "crafty", glitchy, and resembles our childhood. Although this is merely an interpretation of how I viewed old roblox when I was younger, hopefully this game will still be able to provide an experience!

 I give credit to Tylermcbride for letting me use his main base of his castle from roblox adventures, I also give credit to cannonssk for making a better mini-model of the happy home in robloxia. Icon made by aqcab.


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