[Note]: Police now only need to click to arrest criminals now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The Fugitives! SOS update is here! This update includes:
- CONVOYS! Airlift crate drop and armored vehicle convoys now spontaneously spawn on the map. Keep an eye out. [Beta]
- New SOS pack game pass that comes with cool exclusive perks
- Mask stats! Certain masks now have attributes attached to them.
- Police arrest system update.
- Heated player system: Players who acquire a heat level of over 75% can attack and be killed by other criminals! Their bounties are up for grabs as well!
- Players now have access to a starter pack for 24 hours before your ability to buy it disappears. Get it while it's hot!

Team up and throw down in this action packed open world cops versus robbers game. Accumulate infamy to level up and unlock new items! Build a reputation, claim bounties or set them, kill or be killed - it's your call.

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