[One Piece: Final Chapter]

Ver: [17.07.18]

[07.17.18] Ships rework! This rework should remove all boats glitches and about 50% of lags.(TEST PERIOD)
All glitches about ships is known! Sometimes ship will not move until other players will go away from your boat. We are looking for the way to fix it.
Snipers [Camouflage] rework.
Cyborg [Laser Beam] cast time changed from 3sec to 2sec, [Coup de Vent] damage buffed, [Cannon] damage buffed.

[07.15.2018] Big rebalance (Read [gCJ4XD] announces)!

[07.14.2018] Pika-Pika extra [Beam] buff, Gura-Gura buff, Toge-Toge buff, Mera-Mera [Hibashira] debaff.

[07.13.2018] Pika-Pika [Beam] buff, Ori-Ori cage time buff.

Based on the anime and manga "One Piece".
Game was built, scripted, designed and animated only by DeltaDok.

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