🚨 NEW VILLAINS! Dread Doctors are at the Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, and the Darach is at the Nemeton!

Beacon Hills faces a terrifying threat, and it's up to the wolves and humans to stop it. Will you fight back and escape, or will the supernatural villains succeed?

In every game, you’ll randomly become: 

🧑 HUMAN: Avoid the Villains and safely escape in the vans. Free any captured werewolves, and find buttons around the map to make your escape faster. 
🐺 WEREWOLF: Use your claws to attack the Villain and protect the town, while pressing any buttons you find. Enough claw strikes will defeat Villains!
👹 VILLAIN: Hunt down and capture all the werewolves (while avoiding Humans) to win!

✨ Win games, collect coins, and unlock new character skins! ✨

This experience was made in partnership with Paramount+. Find a code for a free 30-day trial of Paramount+ in-game, and don’t miss Teen Wolf: The Movie, now streaming exclusively on Paramount+!


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