Prepare to embark on a perilous journey across a vast land..

- Winner of 17 Bloxcon Awards
 - "Game of the Month" Award every single month
 - Only games known to be better are those created by the one and only Tinfoilbot.
 - The hit sequal to the award winning game, "SimpleStar's Place Number: 4"
 - "This game is sure to knock your socks off." -- Shedletsky
 - "This game gave me a whole new outlook on life." -- Miley Cyrus
 - "Bro... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Dis da best" -- dinkydong99
 - "much good very best such wow 10.1/10" -- Lazevski
 - "I experienced much danger, I almost walked off of the edge one time. A great thrill!" -- CashRP2
 - "an fart made this place born" -- legospykid93
 - "He made this game by himself, he didn't use ROBLOX. ROBLOX copied their enviorments and styles from this game." - carrigg

Btw the well known shape, the 'square' was copied from this game.


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