Based off inspiration off of the web, and my own crazy mind, I have came up with an awesome idea for a Steampunk, airship multiplayer war game. 

The game will consist of two teams, each armed with an identical plethora of arm cannons, swords, muskets, bows, etc. All players will have Leonardo-Da-Vinci-esque glider wings, and a fairly large grappling hook claw on their left arm. On their wings will be small propellers, which will allow them to glide for short distances, then recharge. They will have helmets that resemble knight helmets, but with a futuristic style as well. 

Skyboats will, as the name implies, play a major role in the warfare. The ships will look something like this:  There will be flagships in certain modes, which will be large destructible ships, like the galleons in wingman8's game 'Galleons', and well as smaller, more glider-like ships. 

The game will take place entirely in the air, the terrain consisting of

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