Disclaimer: This is NOT the big update we promised, more information to that can be found on our Youtube Channel 
Update log: 
- 2 New towers! 
- 4 New alts! 
- 2 New Maps!
- Vergil Rework 

Sorry for the long delay! 

Next Code at 15000 likes! (w h a t) 

This game is in BETA! meaning there are alot of bugs! we are working on patches every day! 

Devs: AceGrimwood: Scripter/Owner 
ZachWicks: Lead Scripter & Ui Maker 
BlackF0x4: Lead Builder 
DiamondKid: Animator/Modeler 
Artem: Modeler

Special thanks to: Gnome, for obvious reasons💀 Coffee for making game go kaboom.


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