💮A Tower Defense game based on the Touhou Project Series, containing over 50+ collectible Touhou Characters! 

🔥Limited Time Mokou Mythic Banner Released!! (Banner ends around 9/30!)

✨Incident 5 just released! Containing 7 New Unique Units, Sandbox Mode and 7 New Stages!

🎊New Codes: 2 Million Visits, 12k Favorites

🔨Developers: Flowsik (@xXRoblox_DudeXx), Mhiyako (@Mhiyako), Sable (@SableAlloy), RonaldsMcSanity 
🤝Contributors: Absalon Clothing (Roblox Group), Yunimo (@Yunimo30), kyuuchan09 (@A_L0l1), boat (@randomboat204)
📌Touhou Music and Characters belong to ZUN.


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