🔥Welcome to Button Simulator Ultimate🔥

•How to play?
❌1. Get a Multiplier❌
🔁2.Buy new Stats🔁
⬆️3.Make a Mega⬆️
💯4.Get into the tops💯

•🔥Max stat now : Flower🔥
🔳Total Buttons: Infinite🔳

•Update log

Update - Merry Christmas🎄☃️
- New World 2 - Cave
- Gamepass Gifting Added to the Game - Make your friends Happy
- Added new Stat Flower!
- More Orb Upgrades
- More Point Upgrades
- Map 1 Got Updated
- Moved Grass/Dirt to Map 2!
- 2x Mastery Button Gain Gamepass
- 25% Off Sale for everything!
- Bug Fixes - Changes
More Coming Very Soon, Stay Tuned! 

Huge thanks to Itook
original one bsik

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