⛏️ With your pickaxe, lead a bug from a small body to a behemoth that you can ride on to run or fly.

🐾 Evolve pet to ride or fly,
⚙️ Freely configure pet attributes,
🏆 Rich quest and achievement system,
🎮 Experience fun race map events,
🗺️ Unlock new maps for better equipment.

👍 New code at 2K likes.
🎁 1K likes code: 1K
🎁 Alpha code: Alpha

💬 /G or /g can chat globally.
✨ Group or Premium members receive a 10% XP bonus.

Tags:  mining, pet, evolution, collector, clicker, role-playing, tycoon, strategy, friends, bugs, animals, ore, egg, backpack, chests, cave, adventure


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