Place towers to defend waves of zombies. Gain coins to buy new towers! Playing with others and buying better towers can help with beating this tower defense game!

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🌟 Major update has been released!

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💎 UPDATE v1.0:
[+] Gems currency (+converter)
[+] Wins stat
[+] Levels & Exp
[+] Goblin & Mage towers
[+] Towers UI in lobby
[+] Codes! (CodesAreBack, 1MVISITS, 1KLIKES, lbtd, & a secret hidden one!)
[+] In-game tower hotkeys
[+] Boss health bar
[+] Owner indicator on towers
[+] Stat upgrades shown on towers
[+] Wave skip added
[+] Secret "Error" badge
[+] Cash giving system
[+] Diamond zombie in Hard Mode!
[+] More minor additions!
[o] Error map changed to Desert
[o] Minor bug fixes
[o] Many tower stat changes
[o] Celebrator does burn damage



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