💪Classic PVP Action with Super Craft Brothers Brawl💪
🔥Fire mining action with Microbuddies Treasure Islands 🔥

The Minecraft PVP Classic hit comes to Roblox!
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✨Jump in the Blue portal and battle your friends in SCBB combat with four new maps and classes!  More classes, items and maps are on the way, so stay tuned!
✨Jump in the Yellow portal and play the new Microbuddies Treasure Islands✨
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A fun and exciting journey!
📢Frequent updates!
🗺️ Explore, and Interact with the MicroBuddies World!
☣️Collect and use GOO and Coins across multiple games
💎Play Arcade games, win prizes and top the leaderboards!
👊 Collect and Combine your Microbuddies pals!!
✨Use Magic and Upgrades: Who can be the strongest?
🔎 Discover new worlds and adventures with your friends!
👽Join us for a GOO’d Time!


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