This experience is a demonstration of how recent advances in AI (artificial intelligence) may be leveraged to create an intelligent NPC (non-player character). Natural language commands that you enter into the the chat window are converted into robot instructions that the NPC can follow. For example, if you tell the NPC to *put the rice chips in the bowl and then move the tea to the table*, it will use a large language model called GPT-3 to convert your request into the following robot instructions: find(rice chips), pick(rice chips), find(bowl), put(rice chips), find(tea), pick(tea), find(table), put(tea), done() 

When the experience begins, you'll be prompted to enter your OpenAI API key. You may get a free OpenAI API key from openai com

When you're finished telling the NPC what to do, there are some more NPCs over to the right that you may chat with. Have fun exploring cutting-edge AI!


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