It is the 31st Millennium, and there is only war. The Shield World of Novaan is among Arcadia's foremost defenses against the horrors of the galaxy. The beleaguered planet has fallen under massive Xenos assaults in recent years. No matter how desperate the odds, Arcadian forces herald the world's salvation.

Using restricted mountains isn't allowed. You'll be asked to get off of them, and if you refuse you'll be punished accordingly. 

Planetary governor - Lord Sinstraa. Contact him for anything regarding the base, whether it be suggestions or complaints.

Ratio: 8 defenders to 13 raiders

No glitching (to include frogging)
No Headless
No Rthro packages or skelly
Cheating will result in a ban, exploited servers are void

VIP Servers


This game does not support VIP Servers.


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