🔨 Info: that big updates are every month, however small updates can occur at any time. I wish you all a great game!

💰 New code with 170K likes, code shared on: 🐦

🍎 Currents Fruits : Invisible, Spin, Kilo, Slip, Barrier, Chop, Bomb, Love, Sand, Fire, Mirror, Dark, Smoke, Light, Ice, Gravity, Paw, Magma, Electric, String, Rubber, Snow, Shadow, Sound, Tremor, Dragon, Mochi, Vampire, Operation, Phoenix,Venom, Leopard and Revive.

🆙 Max Level : 14.5K / Max Stats Level: 29K

🤩 Join the famous Straw Hat Pirate and fight enemies and adventure alongside allies and try all the amazing action of One Fruit Simulator in PVP and PVE battles.

🗺️ An open-world RPG game with training system similar to 💪 traditional simulators.

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