Chainsaw Man a manga by Fujimoto Tatsuki 

(x2 EXP CODE "2xExpForTheDataReset")

(Devil Heart's Have A (1/2) Chance Of Spawning Every Hour) 

(Daily Quest Gives X2 Rewards and can only be done once per day) 
M = Skill Tree 
Q = Dash/Dodge 
F = Parry 
E = Interact With Npcs 
Z,X,C,V = Skills (If You Have It) 
T = Activate Hybrid/Fiend (If you Have It) 
Alt = Shift Lock Shift = Run Abilities Are Activated By Pressing The Tools 

-------------How To Play?------------- 
You start of by doing the cleaning quest, After that you can buy a weapon of your choosing which you can use to kill fiends for the fiend quest! as you level up you gain skill points which can be used those levels to upgrade your skill tree! there's raids, hybrids like Chainsaw Man, katana man, and many other things after that! Goodluck 

This game is still in active development expect bugs/glitches. 

Private servers do not spawn hearts (Shutdown = Update)


There are currently no running experiences.