I`m working on a new Camping world, you drive as the cars in Down Hill, use V and B to turnd the light of and on. use your axe tool(not deathly for other ppl) to cut down trees and get wood, sell your wood in the store for # #### ## #### to 10 cash if you have the StudioARE VIP shirt) and then can you buy stuff like TV, Cake, Cheese, Teapot, Teakattle, move able Chair, Backpackand a trophy, more stuff will come soon. use your action tool and click on the green button closest to your door to take out the tent, click agent after that on the red button right over it to take it in again, the button beside of that is to drop the kayak (this will just work once). click on any food to get it as a handle tool, click on the TV to start a funny StudioARE movie. Click on the fireplaces to start the`s some animals around the map, you cant kill them yet but I will make some hunting things you can do leater. if a tool breake just use y

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