• Outpost 5 is one of many stations scattered around the Mojave for people to seek refugee from the rising temperatures of the desert. Powered by advanced technology, Outpost 5 is a safe haven for all who needs it no matter who you are. 

• The inspiration of this build comes from the illustrations of Simon Stålenhag with our own ideas too.

• This showcase was a collaboration with CyberScrap, link to his profile below.

• If there are any bugs or issues please feel free to message me or CyberScrap thanks for reading :D 

• Rooms featured were created by . DadDev . CyberScrap . katiewhiteys . ojbaby . 9ninjiaboy9 . wickedhalo123 . ArcticCitadel . Exspects . Saykes . zboys . theclubminecraftbras . Zoa28 . Tohb

• The background music is from Fallout New Vegas Music-Ending SlideShow Theme.

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